I was born in Eye, Suffolk in 1978 and the point when I knew I wanted to be a photographer is unusual. It was in London Zoo where I spent 2 frustrating hours in the tropical house with my little camera trying to take pictures of butterflies. I failed but left determined and inspired to succeed. I had found my calling and my passion for photography grew and grew.

The images on my site are a selection of some of my favourite images I have taken over the past three years whilst wandering around both locally and on foreign shores. Iā€™m what you might call an opportunist photographer taking inspiration from my surroundings and trying to visualise settings in a vivid & time absent way. I love the strong dream like colours that film gives me (all my landscape images are taken on film cameras) and I just love the excitement of getting film back from the lab.

I am inspired by my surroundings and other photographers. Some of my favourites are Michael Kenna, Michael levin and Nick Brandt. More recently a photographer that has become a firm fav Jan Erik Waider.

If you would like to purchase any prints there are some for sale in the box. If you want a specific size or would like a image mounting/framing then please get in touch via my website

My pictures of butterflies have got much better.